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The majority of the companies if not all that go down do so because of poor management of the finances of the company. When the expenditure is more than the income; the company will go under in no time. The role of conducting accounting accounting (ведение бухгалтерского учета) in ensuring that things work in line cannot be over-emphasized.

It is a way of getting the clinical results that will show you the true state of your finances and at a reduced cost to your organization. There are several benefits involved in contracting your accounts department outside your company. Some of the benefits are explained briefly below:
Accounting software
When you decide to operate separate accounts departments; you will be required to put in place a lot of logistics. These logistics will cost money. The buying and maintenance of accounting software involve huge capital expenditure. You can do without all the expenses if you contract the department to the experts.
Time taken in recruiting experts
It will take time and resources to look for competent hands that will help in managing the department. A wrong choice of experts will bring down any company. You are going to save yourself all the troubles involved here if you hire experts that can give you the results that will make us proud.
If you realize the hefty costs that are involved in the payment of taxes on each staff; then you will look inwards and find a way to cut down the number of staff that are represented in your company. When you do away with the entire staff that would have been involved in the accounts department; you are going to get the benefits.
The outside involvement of the likes of Accountant services (Услуги бухгалтера) in the management of your accounts will give you huge benefits in terms of savings.